Friday, 13 June 2008

Exciting happenings

I have been a busy baby again.

I have been down to London to meet up with Dr Cool Auntie. We went round the British Museum. I appreciated the Enlightenment Exhibition due to the buggy eye-level displays but was sadly disappointed by the Egyptian rooms. I was promised Mummies. There weren't any Mummies just lots of boxes. Humph.

I enjoyed my first ride on the Tube - there were lots of helpful people when it came to the stairs.

I have been eating lumpy food - Cow & Gate Penne Napoletiana and have also found some savoury ones that I can tolerate, also mainly Cow & Gate.

I went to a wedding - it was a Hindu Wedding. I met several other babies and impressed with my impeccable behaviour. Sadly Mummy packed Green Baby food. J food should not be Green Mummy - she had to do an emergency run to find some more palatable options.

I wowed grandparents again. I do enjoy seeing the joy on their faces as they behold the J. I also impressed my great-grandparents. Grinning at people is such fun.

Fellow Babies, I have discovered an important anatomical fact. In addition to multiple milk stomachs I also have a solids stomach which now needs regular filling. Strange yet wonderful.

The best caption for this photo wins a free smile.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A big congratulatory Agoo

Big agoos to Cool Auntie and her university friends - they are now doctors. Cool Auntie is now officially known as Dr Cool Auntie. When I grow up I want to be.................................................. taller and able to walk and open the fridge.