Friday, 19 September 2008

A slightly odd morning


Retrieved from cot before I raised my voice (I was still playing with my iguanadon).
Into parents' bed and a cuddle with both Mummy and Daddy. Mummy was playing with wrapping paper. Tried to relieve her of this responsibility. Paper subsequently removed from my mouth. Not amused. Played with envelope instead. Hang on! I recognise that foot print! It's a J print.
Mummy unwrapping items. Presents! For me? Too kind. What? For Mummy? Is that allowed? Tell you what, I'll play with the duck. It's a birthday? What's a birthday? A year old; of course I knew that. What's a year though? What an odd concept. Do I have one? What do you mean not yet? I'll stick to months then. There are more of them.

Time for a little more cuddling I think - still not feeling 100%. According to Mummy I am currently a cross between Snot Monster and Darth Baby.


Thursday, 18 September 2008


WAAAHHH! I'm bored with having a runny nose. I don't want to cough any more. Is green snot infectious - Mummy and Daddy say not, D - my Childminder says yes.

Sleeping more than normal. Watch the cuteness flow as I rub my little eyes. Still waking at 0600hrs though.

Agoo all. May your noses never get drippy.

Sunday, 14 September 2008


Having watched, with interest, the recent Olympics and Paralympics I have come to the realisation that the events are, on the whole, not designed for babies. I have had a think and have come up with a few new events that will provide more interest for all.

First up - the 10m crawl.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Assorted burblings

Mummy - I feel that Snotster or Snot Monster as a name is so undignified. Admittedly I have been working my way through tissues at a fair rate of snots but none the less J is a much nicer name. The cuddles and sympathy, well keep those up.

I now have a big boy car seat. This faces forward: lucky Mummy can now look back and smile at me. Occasionally I reward her by smiling back. This results in slightly swerving progress and occasional honks from other cars. As long as Mummy's kept amused.

I can now pull to stand and cruise along the furniture. Mummy and a shop lady tried to force some ugly leather items onto my feet. Fat chance. Currently my toes are unconfined and comfortingly chewable.

Strangely enough, when Mummy took my rainmaker toy away the weather improved. Sorry everyone.