Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fluff Massacre - what have you done Mummy?

Mummy and Daddy took me to the hairdresser today. It was terrible. A cheery tractor chair does not make up for fluff mutilation. I was a moving target for the hairdresser and serve her right.

Saturday, 7 February 2009


My birthday was in December but Mummy isn't always the world's most organised person. This is my cake. I suppose I really should rename this blog and call myself "Toddler J" but this would probably confuse Mummy.

They call it "Bath time"

Mmm yes, feeling of freedom - Nudey Baby time.
Watch out Mummy, you'll get my cute (Mother's Note: J is covered in 100% soft touch cute) wet.
No I don't want to sit down in this "water".
I'll sit down; but I won't enjoy it.
Nooo. It took ages to build up that armpit fluff.
Of course my neck rings accumulate dirt. That's what they're for.
That snot is a protective layer. PROTECTIVE LAYER.
Don't moisten the head fluff: there could be terrible consequenc... ohh look, it's my duck. (Sounds of vicious hair washing)

Splashing good fun. Mummy looks funny wet.
I'll keep Mummy in range by laughing every time she says "Splash".
Good grief. My bottom is so wrinkled it looks older than Mummy's, time to get out.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Gourmet Baby Life

Stew mmmmmmmm.
This Christmas Mummy was given a Blupper. What a boon to baby gastronomy this has proved to be. Food is made and then blupped producing the perfect texture for optimum assimilation and cutting down on the number of frustrating pieces that are not amenable to eight teeth eating.