Sunday, 16 May 2010

The toddles of Tumpot

I am considering renaming this blog as I feel that I am very much more a toddler than a baby. Possibly in fact I am a boy. Close observation of the world suggests that I am not a lady.

Over the past 2 years I have made some major achievements - I am independently mobile and have trained Mummy and Daddy to follow simple commands. Pity about their response to complex commands. I will try to resume documenting my important achievements.

Today I went to church where I scraped my chin and bled everywhere. I then had some lunch, then some more lunch before going out to buy pony things. I was rather disappointed that the shop had sold their kennels as I was looking forward to a good bout of posing in the dog house. We then went for a ride. I wore my hat so was allowed to sit on the pony. Big Sis also had a ride; well I was feeling generous. Did a back flip off the mounting block, helmet protected fluffbonce, reassuring cuddle.
Supper was lamb chop and spaghetti shapes. Mummy then helped me wash up. A toddler's work is never done.

Love to all
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