Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Scientific Investigations Ongoing

The Photo is of me driving the boat. We have just overtaken Big Sis and her friend

Currently I am investigating several very important aspects of life. Firstly come buttons. These are the round things on the front of the shirts that Mummy wears. Once my insistent instructions register with her she performs a complicated operation that eventually results in the milk bar being opened for business. I am sure that with some practise I too will be able to operate them. Mmmmmm.

Secondly is my tooth brush. I now have 5 teeth with 1 more well on the way. I have a most toothy grin. I can select my toothbrush from the tooth brush holder, Mummy or Daddy applies the toothpaste then I place it in my mouth, brush end first and then I get stuck. Mummy or Daddy has to take over which results in a small waah. Must try harder.

Thirdly is where Mummy goes during the day. When I have a nap nobody can find me; therefore what Mummy calls work is actually a very long nap. A Mummy Nap. Plan - find where she is napping and drool on her till she wakes up.

Agoo all.

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