Sunday, 10 August 2008

My Diary 14.

Today I have been a transported baby. Daddy took me to the previously mentioned car boot sale where I received several new toys including a xylophone. Next I played with Mummy before travelling to church in my bicycle seat. Daddy didn't pedal hard enough so I had to kick him in the back. Fwah hah hah. My friend T was in church so we played together. Most unfairly I had the seat side of the pew so he had it much easier when it came to dropping toys and making a noise. Eventually I persuaded Mummy to take me to drive the Church Ferrari. One choc chip biscuit and lots of admiration later it was back into the bike seat and zoming home. I passed T being wheeled home in his buggy and gave him a lordly wobble of the head.

All that fresh air made me tired so I napped till lunch (fruit cocktail and a yoghurt) then embarked on a strenuous play session with Mummy and Daddy. Wore Mummy out so went for a buggy ride to the park. Played on the swings then droped off on the way home.

Not sure what's going to happen about bedtime yet. Surely they can't be thinking of cancelling my breast privileges altogether. No. That would never happen.

In summary: today I've ridden in a car, a cute car, on a bike and in my buggy. A wheely good day so far. (That, fellow babies, is called a pun.)

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