Saturday, 13 September 2008

Assorted burblings

Mummy - I feel that Snotster or Snot Monster as a name is so undignified. Admittedly I have been working my way through tissues at a fair rate of snots but none the less J is a much nicer name. The cuddles and sympathy, well keep those up.

I now have a big boy car seat. This faces forward: lucky Mummy can now look back and smile at me. Occasionally I reward her by smiling back. This results in slightly swerving progress and occasional honks from other cars. As long as Mummy's kept amused.

I can now pull to stand and cruise along the furniture. Mummy and a shop lady tried to force some ugly leather items onto my feet. Fat chance. Currently my toes are unconfined and comfortingly chewable.

Strangely enough, when Mummy took my rainmaker toy away the weather improved. Sorry everyone.

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