Saturday, 19 April 2008

Bad hair day

I am Baby J and I'm having a bad hair day. Why? Because my mother brushed it. Four times. My quiff is destroyed.

I let her off easily today: she got to sleep through until 0545; although it then took four attempts to get me back to sleep as some of my milk stomachs were unfilled. She'd been muttering about a bath for a few days now but I didn't take her too seriously. This morning I was stripped, plucked from my nappy and taken into the bath. This was fine, I was able to practise my "kicky legs" and I managed to pee over the floor but then instead of leaving my hair to dry in a quiff she brushed it flat.

Viciously, unprovoked brushing flat.

If my profile pic seems a little smooth in the skull area I have hair, it's just flattened down.


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