Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My Diary 4.

Many apologies for the recent hiatus - I have been extremely busy. On Sunday I tried mashed potato, mashed swede and ice-cream (mint Vienetta). I liked the mashed potato but all the others soon reappeared. I have also been fed Heinz Baby breakfast. Blech.

I have continued to investigate the round objects. Apparently they are called rusks. If sucked for long enough then they are edible although not as good as breast milk. They also have a slightly soporific effect - I have missed my 4am feed twice in the past three days.

Granny and Grandad came by for a visit yesterday. As you would expect I overwhelmed them with my charm. The also commented favourably on my hair - now in fluffy mohican mode; my strength; my smile; my standing and my general adorability. They brought me a hat. What ever happened to the extra breast for Mummy? I was not impressed by the plastic booby that Daddy tried to fob me off with last week.

I went to Baby swimming with Mummy on Monday and today went to the pool with Mummy, Daddy and sister. I have a pair of very stylish kicky legs and am getting the hang of the splashing thing.

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