Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Cave Baby's Favourite Thing

Cave Baby had several thing to play with. There were Cave Daddy, Cave Daddy's tools, Cave Mummy, Cave Mummy's hair and anything that Cave Mummy was particularly trying to work on. Cave Baby also had several things that were intended for Cave Baby to play with. There was a rabbit skin stuffed with dry grass, some dangly wooden beads and, most importantly, Cave Baby's Favourite Thing.

Cave Baby's Favourite Thing had been made by Cave Daddy. It was very similar to one that Cave Daddy's Cave Daddy had made for him. It was made from several slices of an auroch horn that Cave Daddy had traded from a far off family. It had taken Cave Daddy a very long time to chip out the rings and smooth them with a piece of sandstone so that they would be safe to chew on. The rings were threaded onto a broken ring that had been the first ring that Cave Daddy had chipped out. Although Cave Daddy had used words that Cave Baby had never heard before when the ring broke he now explained that he had meant to do that all along.

Cave Baby's Favourite Thing rattled when shaken and was wonderful to chew on. Whenever he threw it to the ground it would be picked up and returned to him. Although Cave Baby sometimes preferred to chew on other things such as Cave Mummy's digging stick he was always pleased to play with his Favourite Thing. Cave Baby thought that Cave Daddy had done a very clever thing when he made it.

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