Wednesday, 7 May 2008

My Diary 10.

With the sunnier weather I persuade Mummy to dress me in short sleeved baby gro so I could display even more cuteness to the world. Managed some long drinks to keep me well hydrated.

Still working hard on my rolling - can almost reliably turn from back to front but seem to get stuck there. In pursuit of a fine level of baby fitness I spent so much time in my door bouncer that I became tired and hungry and needed a comforting cuddle, suckle and nap. Supervised Mummy tidying up; I have a V shaped pillow that props me up nicely.

Starving today. Ate 1/2 pot of beef hotpot followed by a rusk followed by some milk.
Mmmmm. Baby sunshine cereal. I liked this straight off and ate all of it and asked for more. This was not forthcoming so I made do with milk.

Mummy and Daddy, obviously.
After going for a walk I smiled at the Shop Lady. She does so appreciate my visits. I stand on the counter and grin. Sometimes I chuckle. It is so enjoyable doing things for the community.
I also smiled at everyone who came over to play Scrabble. I suspect this made their night.

A routine yet satisfying day. Agooo everyone.

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