Monday, 12 May 2008

My Diary 11.

Apologies for the gap in postings - I took Mummy up to Granny and Granddad's on Friday and this tired us out.

I have met lots of new people. On Friday I visited C who works with Granny and very kindly lent us all sorts of equipment including the Chair of Doom. I gave her a special smile. I met Mummy's old childminder who was very nice when I wrote off her fruit bowl by tugging on a banana. I met Cool Aunty's godparents and had some lovely long cuddles. They had very kindly laid on a small child who, by bouncing up and down, had me in fits of laughter. Arrived to find that Granny had laid in some new baby food. I started with a rusk then tried HIPP sweet potato and chicken - average rating and HIPP mango surprise. Mummy says that she suspects that the surprise was that it was mildly alcoholic.

I was late to bed and couldn't even wake up for Granddad. The next morning I woke Mummy up early so I could say hello to him before he went to work. Granny made Mummy feed me some real mango. The first one that I tried didn't quite hit the spot but the second one was sweeter and went down nicely. I then followed this with some more sweet potato and chicken. After I had finished eating Mummy dressed me. She is learning. Slowly, it must be admitted, but learning nonetheless.

We then went on to Mummy's school reunion where I was much admired and photographed. We toured her school. While I was chewing on Mummy's hand she noticed a scratching and thus discovered my new tooth. We went to say goodbye to Granny; to gather my belongings and then it was into the Chair of Doom and back home.

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