Sunday, 4 May 2008

My Diary 7.

Breakfasted on a banana and plenty of milk. Church this morning. Held out until the sermon but then needed to feed all through the peace. Such is life. Coffee and admiration afterwards then I was brutally changed into a Mickey Mouse outfit - dungarees and a top and hurried into the chair of doom and driven off to catch a boat.

Met up with Cool Auntie and permitted her to hold and talk to me. After the boat ride we took the train then walked up to Great Aunt's house. More people to play with me. The party was for my Great Granddad; I had carefully drooled on a card for him earlier this week. I was rather upset when everybody shouted "Surprise" and let off party poppers but Mummy hugged me back to happy again. I had a good chat with Great Granddad and was hugged by Great Grandma and my Godmother plus sundry other relations.

All too soon it was time to return to the boat - I slept on the train this time. I protested being stuck in my car seat but to no avail and eventually gave up in disgust and went to sleep.

I was woken by Mummy and fed a rusk - it is more fun when they are halved as they are then easier to eat - and some more Peach, Strawberry and Cream baby food. A final suckle then off to bed. Another busy day.

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