Thursday, 15 May 2008

My Diary 13.

Agoo fellow babies. What time is it? Not 2:30 any more! My second tooth is through and I didn't need either calpol or whisky today.

Wise Granny bought Mummy sweet potatoes and Daddy cooked and mashed one for me. I quite enjoyed it even if the texture is a bit more lumpy than I am used to. Still the Pear Surprise washed it down nicely. Today I also had a double helping of Baby Cereal for breakfast and half a banana for lunch. I also averted a major disaster - Mummy's breast was so full it practically exploded and took some concentrated suckling. Brave Baby J hey?

We attended Baby Rhyme and visited the shopping centre. Yesterday we went for a walk across the golf course. I was nearly tipped out going over a bridge and had to go for a two-wheeled-drag to cross a field. I spent most of the journey with my hat pulled over my eyes trying not to look where Mummy was taking me. In the evening I took on my Baby of Luck role and attended the Games Club. Mummy won. I ate some more cereal, and cracked open pots of Pear Surprise and Sweet Potato and Chicken.

Talking of statistics I am now 69 1/2cm tall (long?) and 7.6kg. I also have a stats counter so please tell your friends. Agaa.

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