Monday, 12 May 2008

My Diary 12.

Following on rather rapidly from my previous entry which itself was slightly out of sequence because my tooth was clearly an extremely important event this is my diary to date.

Sunday. Church day. A day when a baby can count on a nice long suckle through the sermon; and occasionally through the peace and the creed as well. Wrong. Today Mummy did not sit with Daddy. Instead she was up front with a four foot long wooden baby called a bassoon. Priorities Mummy, priorities please. Fed after the service instead.

Drove my pushchair to and from the service accompanied by Daddy. I like my Maclaren. Lewis Hamilton watch out.

Ate a rusk, some baby cereal and had my tooth brushed for the first time. What fun!

Today I ate some Sunshine Baby cereal for breakfast and followed this with HIPP Pear Surprise. Another Granny discovery and equally delicious. Thank you. Then Baby swimming, a long feed and a shopping trip. I find that my baby carrier makes the trip feel far more civilised than when Mummy uses a trolley with "baby carrier". I am not a generic baby. I am J and therefore I am important. Also without me steering Mummy takes far too long.

Home. Mummy tried to tidy up. I delayed her fwahhah hah haha revenge for the shopping trip. Mummy's godmother and her mother came to meet me. I smiled at them and enjoyed bouncing on their knees but unfortunately I was too tired to be my normal enchanting self. Ate half rusk. Took nap. Bouncier after.

Supper - finished pot of pear surprise. Tried mashed New Potato. Not impressed although rather filled by pear surprise. Delivered Christian Aid leaflets then went to park. Back home, Daddy brushed my tooth then a suckle and sleep.

Good night fellow babies. Remember 1 am and 4am are for feeding not sleeping.

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