Thursday, 22 May 2008

Anonymous giggling

Apologies to anyone who has found a brief giggle on their answer-phone. It was Mummy and Daddy phoning people up and then tickling me.

Daddy got me out of bed today - straight to Baby Breakfast as second breakfast not third breakfast. I went out with Mummy so had to survive on breast milk. On return I tried potato, parsnip and cauliflowers. Proceed direct to blup, do not pass taste buds. Daddy tried it and though that it tasted like Brussels sprouts. Don't think that I want to try them then. Ate two yoghurts to try to wash the taste out of my mouth then a couple of Wotsits. Finished with some Baby Apple Juice from my Trainer Cup.

Spent time in my door bouncer. The dangling band was at just the right length so I could bounce myself, spin round etc. Cue gurgles of joy as I exchanged happy noises with Mummy.

Exhausted myself so early bed. Agoo all.

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