Tuesday, 6 May 2008

My Diary 9.

Another day of enchanting cooing, gurgling and laughing. Another day of displaying my amazing physical prowess. Sometimes I really, really impress myself.

Went to "Mother and Baby Coffee Morning". Personally I think that this should be renamed "Baby and Milk Mother Morning" putting things in order of importance but I suppose this would probably confuse Mummy. Showed off my rolling - 50% of the time I can go from back to front. The other 50% of the time I get my arm stuck under me and end up slowly revolving while emitting little cries of effort.

Went swimming with Mummy then Daddy and Big Sis Joined me. Swam under water a lot. Discovered a problem with my Happy Nappy - when combined with the patent method of solo floating (foam tube under shoulder-blades) and kicky legs the buoyancy pushes my face underwater. Still was rescued and comforted so not all bad.

Took Mummy shopping - she bought me more rusks and nice baby food. She also bought some plastic nipples. I told you Mummy; I don't want anything to do with the plastic breast. She also bought some Baby Rice and Baby Juice. Why does everything I eat other than milk have Baby in front of it's name. Am I a cannibal? How do they make juice out of babies?

Finished day with 1/2 banana, 1 rusk and a nice long suckle.

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