Tuesday, 13 May 2008

My Diary 12.

I promise to cut the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth. Except Mummy's finger which I borrowed to chew on.

Yes, fellow babies, I will soon be joining you in the glorious world of teeth rather than tooth ownership. Already I have trained my parents to brush my gums and today a second tooth was noted. I have had two doses of Calpol today and some more whisky. I think I prefer whisky to Calpol (hic).

Breakfast today was Baby cereal and milk. Lunch - milk. Supper - Rusk, HIPP pasta with tomato and ham sauce (another yummy thing) and milk. And Calpol.

We visited the misnamed Mother and Baby Coffee Morning where my skilful roll gained a round of applause. I also managed to get my toes into my mouth. I think that with a little organisation we can take over the world or at least the village.

I spent some quality time at the post office. Smiled at the shop lady and the post office lady. Made their day (again). Mummy posted off my 0-3 month babygros to another needy baby. Poor chap, imagine having to be a nudey baby all the time; not just for a carefully selected portion of the afternoon. (I spent some time on Sunday rolling on a blanket outside in the garden; nappy off!).

Quality bouncer time and gym time but also enjoyed lying on Mummy's lap playing "Graaah! Ravenous Beastie", "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and being eaten.

Daddy took me for a walk when he came home. We went to the path and played on the swings and then I indulged in a little "Rising Son" as he helped me to peep over gates and round walls to delight Mummy. She was not amused, however, when he put me on top of the hedge even if I didn't drop down into it.

Goodnight bi-dentate comrades.

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phillipaj said...

2 teeth?!?! That is madness! James ou are growing so fast! I cant wait to see them.
Lots of love
Cool Auntie