Thursday, 8 May 2008

Dribbling 2 - refinements

Fellow babies. I have the pleasure to present two ways to extend your drooling repertoire.

1. Colourful drool. (only available to those being fed solids). I have discovered that if you hold a small amount of baby glop, or indeed a portion of the ever versatile rusk, then when you dribble it comes out as a coloured liquid. Instantly see where your drool is going! Extend your artistic range and marvel at the permanence of this technique.

2. Projectile drool. Simple yet effective: insert your fist in your mouth, feel free to have a comforting suck, then generate some drool and remove your fist. The trick is in the flick of the fist as you take it out of your mouth. Practice. The worst that can happen is that you have an enjoyable suck of a paw and then have to feed sooner. Once mastered this technique can snare even the most wary parent.

Have fun. Try combining the two. Best wishes my comrades in nappy wearing.

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