Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Returning after a short nap

My apologies infant comrades but not only have I been a very busy J but my internet access has been down.

A bullet point update:

Friday - relatively standard day - woke, ate, exuded cuteness, tried to chew Mummy. Food - Baby cereal, Baby rice (blair, yuck), pasta, tomato and ham (good for dyeing bib, clothes etc.) and strawberry and banana whip (yoghurt) - not convinced by this.

Saturday - emergency mission of mercy up to Grand parents. Baby of Morale required urgently. On arrival went straight into action reminding Cool Auntie and Wise Granny how much they enjoyed seeing me. They marvelled at my rolling - I showed them exactly how to do it then went on to demonstrate preliminary sitting. Eventually they peeled themselves away and went off to pick up Granddad and to do some shopping. I am now the proud owner of a cow cup. They also bought two new food stuffs - yoghurt and Jamaica Ginger Cake. Cool Auntie tried feeding me yoghurt. As you can see this was not a total success. Daddy gave me cake - mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Sunday - back into routine - walked Mummy to church. Four foot wooden baby nowhere in sight; scared off. Admired by congregation then walked Mummy home. Daddy took me out for a walk and a go on the swings.

Monday - Early to rise means that a J can fit in an extra breakfast (time for Op WALLPAPER PASTE again). Baby swimming then took Mummy shopping. Decided halfway round Asda that I was not happy at all. Had to feed in car before the drive home. Ate apricot and apple and strawberry puree and inexpertly mashed butternut squash.

Tuesday - Teething again. Waaah. Took Mummy to the Babies and Mothers morning then on to a hospital appointment. Since it was for her I graciously slept through it. To pool, met with Big Sis and Daddy and enjoyed being taken for a zoom. Home, must let Daddy pick the menu more often - Pear Surprise and Jamaica Ginger Cake for supper. Wow. So full that didn't want much mashed potato. Bed, woke at midnight for reassuring feed then back to sleep again, secure in the knowledge of a job well done.

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