Saturday, 24 May 2008

Mmmm Sipping Chocolate

Took parents to Salisbury and drove Mummy round the cathedral while Daddy went to the cafe to write. Explored the acoustic properties - my waahs sounded both wonderful and very loud. Looked at some tombs and effigies but found the leaflet more interesting or at least more tasty.

Daddy took us to a cafe where they served sipping chocolate. MMMMMMmmmmm and a bonus - a brown moustache for later delectation. Mummy didn't have her camera so no record (phew). Home and a trial of spinach, potato and parsnip - I would eat this if really hungry, otherwise no - washed down with yoghurt. I then had some blended pasta - just what Mummy and Daddy had been eating only chopped up. I was full so didn't eat much. Early night but then woke needing Calpol and topical whisky.

Today I took Mummy to a fete. She ate a cupcake with me in my sling. I was not amused by the appearance of cake-crumb-dandruff. I ate penne pasta with tomato and courgette then yoghurt. I suspect that I have 2 sweet teeth as I prefer yoghurt and now rather enjoy Calpol. Bath, mixture of yoghurt and tomato removed from neck crease. Big Sis bounced for me this evening - it is such fun watching other people bounce up and down. I was in stitches. Tried some tinned pear - sweet so enjoyable even if also lumpy.


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