Saturday, 3 May 2008

My Diary 6.

Another day spreading cuteness.

Pleasant walk in the morning with a chance to zoom down a slide and go on a swing.

Mummy and Daddy thought that there was a barbecue on at their friends'. Fine by me as they do a very nice line in J adoration. There was a BBQ but not today - it's tomorrow. We stayed for tea and I admired the trampoline. Watching small children bounce on it.... hilarious. Mummy wouldn't let me have a go so I persuaded Daddy to throw me up in the air instead.

I then went for a carry along the beech I am told - I slept through this. All that laughing tired me out.

We then went to visit my Godfather. He is funny as well. He has an accent that is called "Scottish" apparently. I had some quality cuddles, tickles and conversations. I also practised my rolling. At the moment I can almost roll onto my side but my arm gets stuck. Cue a lot of swearing (in baby).

Home - rusk and a trial of a new baby food - strawberry and apple dessert - not too bad but I prefer milk. Glug, glug, glug. Milky good night.

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